I was very apprehensive and slightly sceptical when I decided to have acupuncture alongside my ivf treatment. Particularly after 2 unsuccessful rounds of IVF- the last of which ended in miscarriage. But from the moment I stepped through the door to Amanda’s I felt at home and at ease. The research that she put into the treatment, specific to my case was amazing. From a personal and professional point of view, she was amazing from start to finish, which thankfully for me resulted in the birth of my beautiful baby girl. She worked on my diet, my stress levels and supported me the whole way through.   Amanda from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you did for us all. We will never forget it.
                                                                                                                                     Santina, Wickford
Amanda helped me through the rollercoaster ride of numerous cycles of fertility treatment.  She is extremely knowledgeable in this field and was able to provide lots of advice and support both in terms of actual treatment and also moral support.  I found the acupuncture sessions very relaxing which helps enormously at a stressful time.  Without Amanda’s treatment, support and positivity I’m not sure that I would have persevered and achieved the happy outcome that I have today.  I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone.  She genuinely cares about her clients and wants the best outcome possible.
                                                                                                                                    Charlotte, Essex
I came to Amanda on a friend’s recommendation when I was searching for a holistic approach to pregnancy induction. I had recently completed a hypnobirthing course and was keen to avoid any medical interventions during labour, so decided to give acupuncture a go having never done it before. I went on to have a short and straightforward labour and I wholly believe that this was down to the preparation that Amanda did on my body prior to giving birth. I returned to Amanda for my second pregnancy where she not only did induction techniques again, but also performed fertility work when I was looking to conceive again but was not having success due to irregularities in my menstrual cycle. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone seeking alternative therapies for help with fertility or wider issues relating to pregnancy.
                                                                                                                                   Stephanie, Essex
“I have been under the care of Amanda for a number of months in respect of my Parkinson’s Disease.  Amanda put me at ease immediately I entered her front door.  She has a very sunny disposition and has that knack with people that is hard to define.  Her treatment, although no cure for my condition, has definitely eased it for a couple of weeks after each session.  I simply cannot imagine not going to see her.  The needles are painless; so much so i am mostly not even aware they have been put in. The treatment room has a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.  I normally fall asleep during treatment!    I am usually uncomfortable if someone is too close to my personal body space…….I have no problem with Amanda as you would hardly know she was there.  I thoroughly recommend her services.”
                                                                                                                                         Pete, Billericay

Hi Amanda, I kept meaning to write to you to let you know how I was doing and say thank you for putting me back on to the road to health. Your help with diet and elimination of problem foods was so much better than than the hospital provided dietician or the private nutritionist I had tried. I am now happy to say I am completely pain free if I stick to the right foods and even back to fitness training. It was a long hard process but after three years of hell and constant pain my kids have got their mum back and I’m back to work. Thank you so much for your patient approach, knowledge and support at a time when I was finding life pretty unbearable.  I would ( and have) recommended that anyone with chronic health problems come see you!

Kat, Billericay

I’m 29 and have been suffering with IC since March 2015, which appeared suddenly and for no apparent reason. After initial visits to my GP and a number of appointments with urology consultants conducting various invasive tests, there seemed to be nothing ‘wrong’ despite the symptoms never going away. With western medicine clearly not being able to help me, I started reading about acupuncture treatments for IC online and came across Amanda. I’ve been seeing Amanda regularly for almost a year and on the whole my symptoms have gone away,  I just have the occasional flare which are far more manageable so now IC does not holding me back from doing what I want to do. I have been extremely impressed with Amanda’s very holistic and tailored treatments, getting to know everything about me in a very unrushed way, combined with her very approachable personality which allows you to be very open with her. It’s like getting acupuncture from a friend! Amanda is very supportive and patient and addresses the psychological stress that comes from having something like this too. I would highly recommend her to anyone for any issue, not just IC.

Jess, London


Following surgery and a cycle of very toxic (but effective) treatments, I developed Chronic Interstitial Cystitis or Chronic Pelvic Pain. At the lowest point my bladder was ulcerated and bleeding.  l received excellent care and support from my consultant and nurse but the pain from this condition is notoriously difficult to treat.

For almost 2 years I had been suffering the Chronic Pelvic Pain and was referred from the University Collage Hospital to the Pain Management Centre at Queens Hospital.  Having previously failed to control my pain and discomfort with conventional medication from Paracetamol to Morphine.  l began a programme of neuropathic medication. High doses eventually improved my condition by about 40% .

It was at this time Acupuncture was suggested and Amanda Banks was recommended. From my first consultation l was impressed by Amanda’s depth of knowledge, practical skill and incredible empathy. In a relatively short space of time my pain levels were reduced significantly and my overall health improved to a point that l was again able to live a normal life!

I continue to have treatments with Amanda, and with her guidance control what was a chronic condition.

                                Paul O, London

At the age of 39 I was told by my Doctor that I had reached preimenopause. After looking up what it meant I noticed that I had 29 symptoms out of 35! My Doctor gave me hormone based tablet which I took for 2 years, but as time got on I needed a higher dose. I was then told that as I was too young to use HRT and to “get on with it”. I spent the next year very aggressive, teary and depressed until a friend told me to try acupuncture. I met Amanda just over a year ago and I can say that she has changed my life! 
From my first very emotional meeting Amanda made me feel at ease and understood that I had reached breaking point. Amanda has extensive knowledge and has been extremely patient, kind and very caring. Within only a few months of having sessions and taking supplements (advised by Amanda) I started to feel “normal”. This is something no Doctor could do!  am so grateful to Amanda (and so is my husband) and continue to have regular sessions. I feel like a new person! I recommend Amanda to friends and have even had her needle my son (15) for stress.
Carriann, Billericay

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Amanda for the excellent Acupuncture treatments I have had.   I had been experiencing excruciating pain for over a year and at the point of giving up hope that I would ever be pain free. I was initially a little nervous as had never had acupuncture before, but was immediately put at ease by Amanda at the very first consultation.  She is extremely caring, friendly and kind and with her treatments, expert knowledge, encouragement and advice my pain is definitely diminishing. I always feel so much better after each treatment…. and look forward so much to the next one.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to all my friends and family.

                     Karin, London

Having a stressful job I unfortunately acquired an inflamed prostrate which for the last 5 1/2 years I have been in constant pain and discomfort.  After trying all types of drugs and two electric shock pain relief procedures I was at my wits end.  I had known Amanda for over 10 years and when socializing she had mentioned acupuncture may help.  Amanda offered to treat me and I can say that over the last year my discomfort/pain has eased considerable.  I find the treatment extremely relaxing and Amanda’s advise on general wellbeing (supplements) have also assisted in the stress’s of my job & daily life.  I would highly recommend Amanda to you for any condition.

 Paul, Billericay

Following on from the success of my husband treatments and general well being, I asked Amanda if she would treat me predominately for neck & upper back tension  (I had two neck operations in my early teens). Since visiting Amanda I have responded to the treatment extremely well.  I now ask her to treatment any aliments that I may have.  Her knowledge is extensive and thorough.  I have recently experience the technic of “cupping” the muscle relief I received was super beyond any massage I have ever received!  I do recommend Amanda to my friends and family and I would tell anyone to go and see her purely for a great sense of well being.

Tracey, Billericay

A serious illness left me with unbearable digestive issues. At it’s worst, I would experience excruciating pain every day. This, in turn caused me much anxiety and stress.   After months of going back and forth to various Doctors and coming to no conclusion as to what was going on I felt at a complete loss.  A friend recommended Amanda to me and at first I was nervous as I knew little about the treatment Amanda offered. Amanda immediately put me at ease, she has such a patient and caring manner. Whilst I go to Amanda for accupuncture she also offers me excellent nutritional advice and supplements to support my treatment. Amanda always makes me feel relaxed and I look forward to my sessions with her. I have responded very well to Amanda’s treatment and am now left with little to no pain and much lower levels of anxiety. I now see Amanda every few weeks or whenever I feel I need to. If somebody had said a few months ago that I would be able to manage my digestive issues I would never have believed them. I am so relieved to have found a treatment that has worked for me and wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend Amanda to anyone who would need her.

Sorrel, London