Seasonal Tips



Chinese medicine considers our immune system to be supported by a superficial layer of energy called Wei Qi (pronounced “way chee”) that originates from our internal organs, and then flows into and around the muscles and tendons and the skin.

This field of qi protects the body from the invasion of both external and internal pathogens. The external factors can include physical traumas, as well as environmental influences (cold, damp, heat or wind, etc.).

Wei Qi is connected to and therefore in communication with internal organs, mainly the lungs and the spleen. When our organs are in balance, they will strengthen the function of our Wei Qi so that we will be more protected or insulated from pathogenic factors.

Get your Wei Qi moving with dry brushing. Once a week, or even better, every day, practice dry brushing. Get a natural bristle brush, and using soft circular motions (always working towards your heart) start with your feet. Work up the entire lower half of your body, your torso, and then your hands to your chest (avoid your face).